Thursday, January 19, 2012

The return of the Gala, Australia Day 2012

NETBALL GALA DAY is the event of the year for the Arts Community in Sydney. Teams will battle it out to the bitter end in a ROUND ROBBIN comp. All you do is organise a team, name and uniform and register at before Tuesday January 24. We also need Netball Moms, cheerleaders, umpires, coaches etc. This blog will enable lost netball souls to meet other like-minded netball players, organise team trials, exchange orange cutting techniques all in preparation for the BIG DAY. Venue and times to be confirmed later.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Golden netball moments

Monday, December 05, 2005

More Superb Action Shots

The Dream Lives On

Hangin Around

Action Stations


Well what an absolute success was netball gala day! 4 Teams competed for the trophy created by local artists Christopher Hanrahan and Marley "Napoleon" Dawson. The shots of the games were so beautiful that there is a 2006 calendar being created as we speak (it will be out well before xmas and will make a great stocking filler). A big thankyou to everyone involved especially to the patient umpires Jaki, India, Kathy and Yuri.


Match one we saw Team Australia take down Nancy with a score of 9-1. The best player was Kathy Gray and the Most improved was Brian Fuata.

Match two The Mary Pipes took on the Wild SLACs with a score of 5-2. The Best player in this game was Michael Tate and the most improved player Liz Pulie.

Match Three Team Australia let the Mary Pipes win with a score of 11-14 ;). The Best player was Paulo Macchia and the most improved was Jonathon Bailey.

And Match 4 we had Nancy play the Wild SLACS with friendly score of 1-1 where the best player was Tim Hilton and the most improved Sara Shera.

The overall prize for most inspiring player went to "The Anger" (AKA Mo) Stay tuned for a sample chant from the Anger himself.

There will be more images and words to come, today everyone is too stiff to even type.

Attached for your perusal are some images of the Mary Pipes celebrating in all their glory, one of sick bay, one of Hanrahan using his bum to distract his fellow opponents and also a couple showing the pure exhilaration of exhaustion.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Netball Directions- Moore Park Netball Courts

The Courts are opposite Fox Studios (or what ever they are currently called). On the corner of Lang Road and Anzac Parade. The Netball courts appear on the maps as a bunch of yellow rectangles. You can always visit for more info or just follow your netball nose.

Also Buses 393,372,339,374 all leave from central and go straight past/there.

Actually on Sunday the 339 leaves central at 14:05 and arrives at netball at 14:12,
the 376 leaves central at 14:14 and arrives at netball at 14:21
and for the late comers
the 372 leaves central at 14:20 and arrives at netball at 14:30

Thursday, December 01, 2005

bibs n balls

You will notice that Jonathan and Danielle were modeling the gala day bibs, I have 5 (washed and pressed) sets of bibs and 5 balls for the day, you will have to email for me for colour preferences. Remember that practice makes perfect guys, so get to the park and work on your strategy.

and another kneecap

bust a kneecap

A couple of the players, signed up for the weekends extravangaza, have been busted doing some pre gala day preparations in the park.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005